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Upgrade your kitchen with the ecHome 3 inch 2pcs Kitchen Ceramic Bladed Peeler Cooking Sets consisting of two sets of ceramic knives and bladed peelers. The sets are made of zirconium oxide, a high quality, ceramic material which has been developed in the medical and space sector. It is considered the best existing material for knives. The ceramic blades stay sharp about ten times longer and are about one third lighter than steel knives.

Almost as hard and tough as diamonds, the ceramic chef knives are razor sharp and able to resist the growth of bacteria and the oxidation of food, keeping it fresh longer. Our ceramic knives are hygienic and non-toxic.

# Ultra sharp ceramic blades keep edge for years, and are more-hygienic & stain resistant than steel.
# Ergonomic handles on the knife and peeler let you maneuver the tools easily to ensure your safety and give you perfect food preparation results
# Rust-proof, impervious to acids and oils, and contain no metallic taste or smell
# The non-porous ceramic surface only requires a simple rinse and wipe after each use
# Lightweight, and super sharp edge makes slicing meat, vegetable and fruit as smooth and easy as cutting through butter

Package Includes
1 x Ceramic Knife (3 Inch, 7.62 cm)
1 x Knife Sheath Cover
1 x Bladed Peeler

3-inch Ceramic Knife and Fruit & Vegetable Peeler Kitchen Set of 2 Pieces (Pink)

3-inch Ceramic Knife and Fruit & Vegetable Peeler Kitchen Set of 2 Pieces (Pink)