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This ecHome Ultrasonic Cleaner is used to clean a wide variety of instruments and mechanical parts. Creates a simple way to clean CDs/DVDs, jewellery, sunglasses, razor heads, printer heads, toothbrush heads, waterproof watches and machine items, make them become almost “like new “condition without damage.

Using ordinary tap water, this cleaner safely treats your jewellery and avoids harsh chemicals and rigorous scrubbing while still leaving your items with a brilliant shine. Remove dirt, grime, oil, and grease from jewellery, small parts, and hard-to-clean areas.

Built with high-frequency vibration technology which stimulates the transducer and generates 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic wave with 55 W cleaning powers. It comes with a removable cleaning basket & watches stand to prevent the transducers and/or reduce cavitation to be damaged as well as positioning the item within the optimal cleaning zone of the tank.


# 600ml Large Tank- Fit items of all sizes in and it will take ensure all your items are taken care of
# Stainless Steel – Strong and durable stainless steel body and tank
# Digital Timer – Comes with 5 levels of digital timer
# Safety System- Automatic turn off controlled by the intelligent microchip
# Comes with Cleaning Basket
# Suggested applications:
– Jewellery: Necklaces, Rings, Earrings and Bracelets
– Glasses and Timepieces: Contact Lens accessories, Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Waterproof Watches
– Personal items: Electric Shaver Heads, Razor Blades, Dentures, Combs and Toothbrushes
– Stationary Items: Printer-heads, Pen head, Inject Cartridges and Seals
– Metal pieces: Ancient Coins, Badges, Valves and Machine Nozzles

Voltage: 220-240V
Power: 55W
Frequency: 50Hz
Dimension: 20.4 x 14 x 13 cm

Package Include
1 x Ultrasonic Cleaner (600ml)
1 x Cleaning Basket

Ultrasonic Cleaner 600ml Sonic Cleaner Bath Tank Jewelry Cleaning Basket with Timer Setting

Ultrasonic Cleaner 600ml Sonic Cleaner Bath Tank Jewelry Cleaning Basket with Timer Setting